"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."
--Martin Luther

Monday, 3 February 2014

Medical Monday: We Need A Break

It's another Medical Monday.  I missed out last month, so this time I'm jumping back in.  This month's link-up is hosted by Jane at From a Doctor's Wife, Emma at Your Doctor's Wife, and MJ at MD School Mrs.

It's been cold and snowy here in Toronto, so I'm looking forward to warmer days.  February has never been a favourite month of mine.  Until I met Gil, Valentine's Day was pretty much a downer, and winter is long here, so it still feels like ages until the spring thaw.  This year has been kicking my butt so far.  We've had more snow that I can remember.  My husband worked overnight on new year's eve, came home sick, and spent the first 10 days of January with the flu (which he lovingly passed on to me).  Then yesterday, Gil was feeling sick AGAIN.  It feels like it's just been one thing after another since before Christmas.

I've been seriously in need of a pick me up and here it is:
We're going to Punta Cana!  Miracle of miracles, after a month of putting off discussion, my husband actually worked out the dates and we booked a trip for the end of the month.

This coming vacation is indicative of one major change in me since getting married.  When I was single, my travels always involved doing stuff:  Museums, bike trips, renting cars and driving around Oahu, I wanted to be make the very most of my travels.

Since I've married into this crazy thing called medicine, I just want to slow down.  All I want is a beach, a good book, a fruity drink, and my husband.  I see him wearing himself down day after day, and I just want him to have a rest.  Do any of you feel the same way?  How has marriage changed your habits and preferences?

Happy February, everyone!  Hope you are all staying warm and dry!


  1. Stopping by from MM - we definitely look for more relaxing type vacations! though, we always add in some element of adventure exploring the new to us area on bikes or snorkeling, but yes, overall we seek out vacations that allow rest :)

    1. oh and meant to say, enjoy your time off together!

  2. Felt the same many times. I hope you enjoy some good downtime together, and how nice to get out of the cold! Thanks for linking up with MM.

  3. Ooh, have fun on vacation. I am a wee bit jealous that you get to escape the cold for a bit. Enjoy!

  4. Stopping by from MM -- yay for vacations! Especially nice, relaxing ones! Aaaah . . . I could use one of those right now!

  5. I am with you! We used to go go go on our vacations, but now we love to lay low, soak up the sun and just relax ;) Thanks for linking up to Medical Mondays!

  6. I feel the same way! It's horrible watching your husband come home tired and beaten after a grueling day. I'm jealous of your planned vacation!! Have a fruity drink for all of us!!

  7. I've always loved vacations with the husband. Nothing beats seeing him as far from the hospital as possible, relaxed for once and stress free. Have a blast in Punta Cana you guys deserve it :)