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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookworms from Literatures (How Meta)

Gah, I'm late posting this week! I got caught up with two assignments, but I really liked this topic, so better late than never. This week's post at The Broke and the Bookish is about characters who are book nerds. I love me some book nerds. Here are some favourites from the books that I've read:

1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter: This has to be a given, right?

2. Francie Nolan from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: I love how she just went to the library every day to educate herself. Libraries change lives, y'all.

3. Matilda Wormwood from Matilda: Another point for libraries! Who doesn't love how little Matilda went to the library and ended up with Great Expectations.

4. Marie-Laure from All The Light We Cannot See: I love how this character was so limited in what she could read (because she was blind and braille books are expensive), but yet was such a voracious reader of the books she had.

5. Cath from Fangirl (gee, I feel like I include this book every other week!): She read Simon Snow books and she wrote a Simon Snow book.

6.  Jo March from Little Women: Jo loved books and plays and writing. She's kind of my hero.

7. Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables: Okay, she got a little wordy, but she was definitely a lover of literature. Remember her adventures reenacting the Lady of Shallot?

8. Diana Bishop from A Discovery of Witches (and sequels): This woman practically lived in the library.

I realized almost all the way through the list that it was almost entirely females, so here are some male bookworms:

9. Hanta from Too Loud a Solitude: I read this ages and ages ago, and would love to revisit it. It's a short novella about a man who works compacting paper and books, but as much as he can, rescues the books and reads them himself.

10. Konstantin Levin from Anna Karenina: I don't actually remember what he read, but I remember him as a man of books and learning.

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