"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."
--Martin Luther

Friday, 17 February 2012

I Looked and Found a Good Friend

I think I've mentioned before that I'm currently taking Mandarin classes twice a week. In our first month or so, we learned a song that goes like this:

找,找,找朋友 (zhao, zhao, zhao pengyou)
找到一个好朋友 (zhao dao yi ge hao pengyou)

It means: “I look, look, look for a friend; I look and find a good friend.” Actually, I thought my teacher had made it up until I heard it recently on a song of Chinese children's songs. Enjoy it here with some awesome karaoke:

Anyway, I digress as usual, but this seemed a fitting song today. I've been feeling lonely lately. I miss my friends. I was finding myself reading a TON of blogs by other women, many of whom I had never met. It seemed like I was obsessed with this, and could spend hours reading other women's stories. Finally, I realized that this was an attempt to fill my loneliness with virtual friends, and it's probably not so healthy... As I mentioned in in my last post, I know it will take some time to form deeper friendships here in Toronto, but in the meantime, I crave connection sometimes.

Enter my old friend... the telephone. Today I called up my former roommate Dana, a woman whom I love so much and who was such an encouragement to me in my Christian walk. We actually had been emailing back and forth regarding some practical, but this afternoon I decided it would be better to actually hear her voice. We talked for TWO HOURS. I didn't even realize until then how much I missed this kind of connection. It felt like old times, when we were living together and would be in deep conversation, stopping at intervals to say, “We should really go to bed,” only to talk for another 30 minutes. We talked about marriage, friends, children, cats, baby names (even though neither of us are pregnant, FYI). It was just what I needed. Thanks to God for good Christian girlfriends!

PS You can see more of the Chinese children's album that I bought here.  These kids are so cute!!

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