"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."
--Martin Luther

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Is This Really My Life?

I don't know how many of you have thought that from time to time.  It can be thought in a moment of wonder, when you can hardly believe that things are so great: "Wow, is this really my life?!"  When I lived in Germany, I would ride my bike over the Neckar river to get to school, and frequently have to keep from pinching myself because I could barely believe that I lived in such a fairly tale city.

Shameless plug for Heidelberg, my favourite city
There have been times when I've been in the thick of stress and frustration, and thought to myself:  "Is this really my life?  Didn't I expect that things would be better?  When do I give in and realize that I may never be a world famous novelist or some other glamorous profession?"  Usually these thoughts come when I am in the midst of feeling very sorry for myself and in general, I end up feeling very silly afterwards.

There is still a third mood for the "Is this really my life" statement, and that comes when it seems as though things could not be absurd, or you would be in an Ionesco play.  This was the kind of day I had.  My mother is taking care of our cat Sadie until we move into our new house.  She is quite attentive and likes to give me regular cat updates.  Somehow, she has recently come to the conclusion that Sadie was never spayed, and probably should be.  I am fairly certain she is wrong, but there have been a lot of back-and-forth emails between us.  So today I found myself spending the morning googling the menstrual cycles of cats, watching online videos of cats in yowling in heat, and wondering, "Is this really my life?"  It's a good thing God gave me a sense of humour so I can laugh at at these strange moments!

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