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Monday, 21 January 2013

More Cat Adventures

Remember that time when my cat ran away and I got all emotional, then posted a lengthy piece on her eventual reappearance?  Well, Sadie is getting into more adventures lately, and because I'm a crazy cat lady I like cats, I'm sharing them with you, dear readers.

Last night around 1 a.m., I was awakened by strange yowling and moaning noises from the living room.  Being such a caring cat owner, I stayed in bed until I couldn't ignore them any longer.  I found Sadie staring out onto the porch at... another cat!

There was a beautiful grey and white kitty on the porch meowing at us.  He/she stared right at me for quite a while, not running away when I turned on the porch light.  I wasn't sure what to do. Was this a stray who needed food?  I've actually seen this particular cat several times.  Last week, it was carousing in our backyard with a feline friend, and one night last summer, it came onto our porch. Sadie was obviously freaked out by this other cat, but she wouldn't leave the window and yowled when I tried to pet her.

Then, further drama:  Another cat appeared!  This new arrival had long fur and was in the shadows.  It appeared to be the grey and white cats buddy, because they sniffed each others ears.  (So cute!)  At this point, I turned out the lights and the feline visitors departed.  I carried Sadie into our room and tried to calm her down.  The nighttime drama was over.

Here's my issue thought, friends:  Last night was quite cold, and it was not the first time I have seen this cat out in frigid weather.  Neither cat seemed to have a collar to indicate that it was an outdoor cat.  Who lets their pet out overnight in freezing winter weather?  What should I do if this happens again?

Gratuitous cat photo

P.S.  Speaking of ridiculous cat postings, have you seen this video????

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