"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."
--Martin Luther

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On Anticipation

I've been feeling the February blahs lately.  It just seems like life is bland lately.  Am I the only one?  Maybe it's the long wait until spring, or the weird weather we've been having...

I realized something strange the other day.  When I worked in an office, my life was often hectic and stressful, but I always had something to look forward to.  I worked 8 hours a day and looked forward to the weekends.  Additionally, there was always a long weekend some time off, or a vacation in the works, or Gil's next visit, and I would set my eye on that.  "Just two weeks until Victoria Day."  "Only a month until I go to Florida."  It wasn't just me; everyone did it.  I wondered sometimes whether it wasn't somewhat unhealthy, to spend a lot of your time waiting for the future.  Now that I have a less stressful lifestyle, however, I actually *miss* having those dates in the future to anticipate.  I don't normally work Mondays, so most long weekends are not a big deal, and since Gil works so many weekends, I often find them boring.  It's so hard to get my husband into the mode of vacation planning, so we don't have anything like that upcoming either. 

Is it weird that I feel this way, like a more stressful life with anticipation may be preferable to a calmer life with less anticipation?  Is it Biblical?  The Bible does tell us not to worry about tomorrow, but it also says to look forward to our life in Heaven.  Hmmm...  What do you think?  And what are you looking forward to, these days?

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