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--Martin Luther

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Updates

Summer.  It's almost here.  Tomorrow marks the official start of summer and you know what that means:  long weekends, barbecues, cottages, travel, etc.  This year, I've felt a bit ambivalent about summer starting.  In my old life, the hot season always meant a slowing down; ministries at church took a pause and work was less busy.  Still, summer for me is always defined by fun weekends, like taking picnics and day trips, going to amusement parks, etc.. My work will probably be a bit quieter over July and August, but since so much of my life pace revolves around my husband's crazy hospital schedule, I don't anticipate summer having much affect on our life.   Maybe I need to corner my husband and make him promise me a couple of Saturday outings?  :-)

Anyway, despite my ambivalence, I am looking forward to some summer traveling.  As mentioned earlier this week, we are off to western Newfoundland in just over a month.  Gil has been telling me stories about his time in "The Rock" ever since we met, so I'm super-excited to experience it for myself.  I'm looking forward to seeing icebergs and whales, Viking settlements and lots and lots of water.  I dare you to watch some of the commercials on Newfoundland and Labrador and see if you don't want to go there too!

This is also the year in nearly a decade when summer doesn't equal wedding season.  We have only one wedding this year, and it'll be in Newfoundland.  I guess this means the bulk of my friends have moved on to the next stage of life, since I know at least 11 people expecting babies by the end of the year!

What are your summer plans?

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