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Monday, 1 July 2013

Medical Monday: Drink Your Fluids (and Happy Canada Day)

Can you believe it's July already?  That means it's time for the next installment of the Medical Mondays blog hop, hosted this month by Medical Mondays blog hop, hosted by Emma at Your Doctor's Wife, Jane at From a Doctor's Wife, Heather at Army Wife, Army Life, and Cyndy at Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional.  If you're now around here, welcome!

More importantly, however, it's Canada's birthday, so without further ado, here are some photos of Canadian things (though unfortunately I have no pics of poutine or maple syrup):

Seriously, though, on to some medical thoughts.  The past few Medical Mondays, I've written  lighthearted posts about the life of a doctor's family.  Today, however, I'm going to share a snippet of medical advice that I unfortunately neglected recently and that is pertinent in this week of both Canada's and America's birthdays.

Friends, please don't forget to drink your fluids!

Last Wednesday, I had a lovely morning of walking around on Danforth Avenue, sampling a new (to me) cafe and reveling in the sunshine.  I spent the afternoon at home and, after picking up my car from the repair shop, went to exercise class at church.  I woke up on Thursday morning with possibly the worst headache I've ever known.  My whole body felt achy and my stomach hurt after eating.  Of course, I thought I was dying, but my husband thought I was dehydrated.

What gives?  I drink water at all my meals and during exercise, so how could I be dehydrated?  I neglected to take into account the exercise and the sunshine, and in all honesty, I probably don't drink enough water to begin with.  I stupidly thought that I would know when I was getting dehydrated.  Wouldn't I get really thirsty first?  I thought dehydration just happened to people who got lost in the wilderness without enough drinking water, or people who did excessive exercise in hot weather. Wrong.  Anyone can get dehydrated, and in the hot summer months, we're all more vulnerable to heatstroke and dehydration.

So friends, while you're out enjoying barbecues, fireworks, and parties at this festive time of year, don't forget to put a few bottles of water in your bag for you and your kids.  Don't wait until you feel thirsty to get a drink of water.  Don't get your fluids from coffee or alcohol, which don't actually hydrate you.  Take it seriously if you feel tired, dizzy, or lightheaded.  And don't forget that your pets may need more water in the hot weather as well.

Oh yeah, and Happy Canada Day!

Embarrassing photo from my 27th birthday scavenger hunt


  1. Good reminder. I am forever failing to drink enough water, especially when I am running around the hospital, but even at home because it just never occurs to me to, well, drink.
    Happy Canada Day!

  2. Excellent advice! My son works outside all day and I lecture him about this a lot.

  3. I am so guilty of never drinking liquids. My BFF always reminds me in another life I was a camel! With the summer heat, I need to remind myself to drink more!
    Thank you for linking up for this month's MM!!! We appreciate your shout out!! :)
    Happy Belated Canada Day!