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--Martin Luther

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions (Bookish and Otherwise)

I don't do new year's resolutions. It's just not my thing. I did them in the past, but the combo of guilt and malaise killed them. Now I just resolve to do stuff when it's the right time to do it. This year, I'm focusing on JOY, finding it, living it, etc. I'll post more on that later in the week. However, today at The Broke and the Bookish, we're talking about resolutions, so I have a few in the back of my mind.

1. Finish school: This isn't a resolution as much as something I have to do unless I feel like coughing up another year of tuition.

2. Formulate a good strategy for job search, and pursue it: When I finished my M.A., I felt totally at sea about finding a job. I don't think I went about it in a methodical way, and I felt out of my element. I'd like to do better this time around.

3. Find a (good) therapist: This has been an ongoing struggle. If you've read a lot of my posts, you know that it's been a very difficult couple of years, and I think this would help me to deal with life.

4. Take a really good vacation with the hubs: It's been too long, and I've got Paris on my mind...

5. Redo my blog interface because it's looking a little sad.

6. Read more theology books: Last year I wanted to read more non-fiction, and I did, but now I want to focus on finding the joy in my faith, and I think good books will help. Any recommendations?

7. Read 52 books in my GoodReads challenge: Last year, I read 89, so I'm not really concerned about meeting that goal.

8. Finish 10 books in my Classics Club challenge list, so that I'm on track to finish my 50 books by June of 2018: Right now, I'm at 28 books at exactly halfway through the 5-year challenge.

9. Edit my novel and decide what to do about it: That's right, I wrote a novel. I finished it in 2014, but then school got crazy and it's just been sitting on my computer. I'd like to at least have it cleaned up a bit, even if I only share it with a handful of people.

10. Read more books from my Kindle: I buy them on sale, and then they just sit there. My winter TBR was supposed to be all about Kindle books, but it's January and I haven't started this yet...

It's not a resolution, but I'm thinking of reading a big series. This will depend on my job situation, but if I have some time on my hands after finishing school, I'd like to delve into one of the series that I have avoided due to school. That might be A Song of Ice and Fire or Outlander, or I might just re-read Harry Potter. :)


  1. Congratulations on completing your novel! Best of luck editing it and figuring out what to do with it :)

    My TTT

  2. Nice goals for 2016!! You made some good ones!! I am starting school soon and am looking for a career change myself!!

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  3. Good luck with all of your 2016 resolutions!
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